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If you’re anything like me, then you are probably catching up on a stack of books in the winter months. Nothing remedies a cold winter night like a good garden book. Betsy Pinover Schiff’s September 2016 Sidewalk Gardens of New York beautifully captures little garden moments in this big city that we often miss. She successfully catches the tiniest plantings in our urban environment from tree pit and entry plantings to hanging baskets and container gardens.


Sidewalk Gardens of New York by Betsy Pinover Schiff

Betsy photographed gardens from spring to fall in this book and captured a wide range of seasonally significant blooms. This book delights visually. You can almost feel yourself walking the streets of New York City at a leisurely pace as you turn each page.

Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design’s work is captured in this book (hint, look at page 14) Enjoy, be inspired and prepare for spring!


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Winter storm “Juno” is throwing down a white blanket of snow across the northeast. Nothing cures winter blues like shopping for your garden. I’m sharing some of my favorite garden accessories for the spring. Grab a cup of tea, bundle up in a blanket and let’s go shopping!

Brass Lanterns from Terrain Jeffrey Erb

Brass Lanterns From Terrain Set the Right Mood


Brass is the new black! These brass lanterns from Terrain hit just the right note. Classic style is updated with a sleek metallic finish. So what if brass showed up everywhere in 2014…it isn’t going anywhere! The style of this lantern allows it to fit into many garden settings and it’s not a run of the mill lantern!  Purchase here

New York Botanical Garden Gloves

The Perfect Garden Gloves from NYBG


If the Glove Fits… A chef wouldn’t prepare his finest meal with dull knives and an artist’s painting would suffer from use of inferior brushes. So it’s only natural that a gardener needs a perfect pair of garden gloves in their tool bag. Kill two birds with one stone and pick up a pair of these gloves from the New York Botanical Garden. Not only are you supporting a fantastic garden in New York City, your hands will also thank you for this one. Purchase here

Restoration hardware tall zinc finials

Sexy Zinc Finials Available at Restoration Hardware


Something Missing? At 63″ tall, this piece available for purchase at Restoration Hardware adds a visual punch to an outdoor garden or patio. It’s the perfect object to fill a blank space in need of a focal point. Put it somewhere unexpected to create a sense of surprise in the garden. It could be partially hidden by a plant, or around the corner from a wall….get creative! As the Zinc weathers, the patina will only add to the piece.

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A Stunning Copper Swing 'Ostara' by Myburgh Designs

I came across this gorgeous piece while researching outdoor swings. The Ostara Swing, by Myburgh Designs, is made of copper and is large enough for two people. The interior of the swing is polished and lacquered while the exterior has a delightful patina and wax finish. The lines are very modern. With the right cushions, this unique swing makes a bold statement and a cozy place to spend an afternoon in the garden.

Breathe Swing by Myburgh Designs

The Breathe Swing (pictured above) is Myburgh’s ultra modern swing crafted of fiberglass. Offered in solid white or green, the shapes in the back are reminiscent of branches or veins in a leaf. As a third option to get your feet off the ground, Dedon has its giant Nestrest swing which features their signature woven design.

The Nestrest Swing by Dedon

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Dedon SeaX Armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud

Comfort should be at the top of your priority list when shopping for outdoor furniture. Whether you are spending $100 or $1,000 for an exterior dining chair, the price point becomes obsolete if the piece isn’t cozy enough to use. If it doesn’t pass the tush test it isn’t worth it. I spent this gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day afternoon testing out furniture at Dedon and came up with two chairs which are at the top of my list for comfort.

Dedon is about as topnotch as exterior furniture comes. Their new SeaX line designed by Jean-Marie Massaud is impeccably designed. I instantly fell in love with the dining armchair which happens to collapse into what becomes a very modern take on a folding chair. The back is designed to swivel but still provide support. Crafted with wood detailing in the armrests and optional leather or twill fabric (both suitable for outdoors) this chair gets a big thumbs up.

Play Chair by Philippe Starck for Dedon

Philippe Starck married Dedon’s classic woven fiber look with clean design in the Play line of chairs. With a multitude of frame and backrest colors, you can coordinate this chair with a variety of furniture settings. The frame is crafted of durable polypropylene and is both lightweight and sturdy. The backrest is positioned perfectly for dining. Starck made considerable leaps and bounds in the comfort and usability of this piece when compared to the Louis Ghost Chair he designed for Kartell.

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The Stinson Dining Table, Restoration Hardware

Every retailer is flaunting sales right now. As a result, you can find some terrific deals on outdoor furniture from last season. I will preface this by saying I have no obligations or ties to Restoration Hardware other than the fact that I like a lot of their interior pieces. I haven’t been as fond of their outdoor furniture collections because the scale is so big it isn’t appropriate for many city rooftops and patios that I design. However, the Stinson collection is a refreshing modern take on teak furniture finished with stainless steel legs.

Stinson Lounge Chair with Sunbrella Fabric

This collection is clean and simple which ultimately makes it more versatile. You can dress it up or down depending on cushions, fabric selection and how you pair it with other pieces. With a multitude of fabric options from Sunbrella or Perennials offered at a great price point, you can’t go wrong. This is the perfect time to pick up some patio furniture. Once spring is in full swing all you’ll have to do is enjoy it!

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1000 Designs for the Garden by Geraldine and Ian Rudge

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 1000 Designs for the Garden and Where to Find Them is priceless. This book is sure to melt away the winter blues with a healthy dose of imaginative garden designs and accessories. Originally referred to me by a client, I immediately picked up his book which now has a select spot in my reference library. Over 300 pages are filled with everything from modern planters and watering cans to artistic trellises and unusual furniture. Hopefully some of my favorite pieces below will inspire your imagination to take your garden to the next level.

Aluminum Dividing Screen by Paul Kerlaff

This powder coated aluminum room divider is a brilliant way of defining a wall area in an open outdoor garden. With several patterns to choose from, Paul Kerlaff designed this screen to filter a view or to adorn a wall as an independent panel. I could easily see this attached to a fence or brick wall with a delicate Clematis vine growing through the ‘Maple’ design. The panels are available in a variety of colors and patterns. A similar piece pictured below by Michael Koenig is available in zinc-plated sheet metal.

Wall Trellis by German Designer, Michael Koenig

Nenufar Parasol by Yonoh

For a modern take on an umbrella, consider the Nenufar Parasol by Yonoh. The eye-catching design allows the piece to blend with traditional furniture or make a statement on its own. It would be the perfect shade element by a pool or an accent for a secluded patio in an intimate landscape. The small sculpted ‘Dew Drop’ by British glass designer, Neil Wilkin, are like jewels for the garden. A handful of them clustered together in a patch of Artemisia ‘Silver Mound’ would be gorgeous.

Glass Dew Drop by Neil Wilkin

Finally, to warm up the patio or terrace visually, consider the urBonfire fireplace designed by Michael Hilgers. Made from borosilicate glass and polished stainless steel, flames don’t come any more chic than this.

Modern Fire Pit with Chic Stainless Steel

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As I continue to scour the streets of Tel Aviv for inspiration I came across a delightful take on outdoor seating at Primitive Gallery on Yehuda-halevi St.  Furniture materials that stand up to the exterior elements are limited, but this line designed by Gaga & Design is refreshing.

The Spot Stool by Gaga & Design

Israeli product and furniture designer, Yaacov Kaufman, created these clever outdoor pieces from stainless steel and synthetic roping. The line is surprisingly comfortable and provides excellent support. I love the spot stools which are only about 10″ in diameter at the top. They could easily be scattered around a terrace for extra seating or used as a small footstool. The openings between the roping allow enough wind to pass through that uplift is not an issue.

Bar Stool by Gaga & Design

Barstool by Gaga & Design

The furniture comes with several color choices for the roping and is beautiful enough to use for interiors. If nothing else, it makes for a great conversation piece. Distribution of Gaga & Design furniture is currently limited to Israel, Europe and Japan. I am going to have to see if we can change that!

2 Rings Chair by Gaga & Design


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