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St. Patrick’s day should be a gardener’s favorite holiday. What’s not to love about
a day of feasting, indulging and celebrating all things green? In honor of this
once religious holiday, I am celebrating one of my favorite annnual plants.
Moluccella laevis, known more commonly as Bells of Ireland, is a fantastic
addition to any garden.

The spikey flowers easily reach 24″ tall in full bloom. Modified lime green
calyxes line the stem of the flower stalk and add a striking texture to flower
beds. The flowers can be used for cut arrangements both fresh and dry.

Sow your seeds for Bells of Ireland now and transplant them outside in late April.
Though they won’t be ringing, you can celebrate St. Patty’s Day with these
Bells of Ireland all summer long. They bloom profusely mid to late summer. Find seeds here:

Bells of Ireland Add Great Texture in the Garden

Bells of Ireland Make Excellent Cut Flowers


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