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One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to see so much of New York City every single day. Now that it is a little cooler out I love to walk extra blocks instead of going to the nearest train station. The result is I get to see more of the good, the bad and the ugly landscaping. I came across a literal sidewalk sensation on 23rd Street between 8th and 7th Avenues. I found this portrait and immediately thought about the NY Times article featuring the chewing gum art by Ben Wilson . Any New Yorker will tell you that walking down the sidewalk consists of watching out for holes, dog crap and other obstructions. I found this little piece of art by Paul Richard to be a pleasant surprise.

Chelsea Street Art on 23rd Street by Paul Richard

As I continued on my trek today I found this lovely planting on the Broadway Mall at West 66th Street. It seems that the plantings on this narrow strip in the center of Broadway have never looked quite this good. It really stood out to me today with a lovely mixture of Cleome, Salvia, Geraniums, Begonias and Coleus. None of these annuals are necessarily showstoppers, but the arrangement was very cheerful on this pleasant fall day. Perhaps the influx of fashionistas and nearby fashion week events influenced the level of attention given to this particular landscape.

Plantings on Broadway and West 66th Street


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