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Another heat wave is on the way. Why not embrace it with a summery BBQ, get the grill out and cook up some eggplant? From my trip to Israel last year, I can testify that there are tons of ways to prepare and serve eggplant. Mary Ellen Wright, of Lancaster Online, so eloquently captured some of these in her recent article featuring this festive purple delicacy.

Baby Eggplants from Brook Lawn Farm Market (photo from Lancaster Online)

My sister shows some of the newly picked crop of baby eggplants available at Brook Lawn Farm Market in Lancaster Pennsylvania. The photos make my mouth water when I think of all the possibilities for ways to eat them!

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Fairytale Pumpkin Still in the Field

Happy Halloween to everyone! Even if you don’t want to get dressed up and go out on the town at least eat a piece of chocolate. While you are having a nosh enjoy these assorted photos of pumpkins and gourds grown on the Erb family farm, Brook Lawn Farm Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I love the colors, textures and smells of fall! A special thanks to Diana Erb for supplying the photos.

The Pumpkin Patch at Brook Lawn Farm Market in Lancaster, PA

"Turban" Squash with Rustic Coloring

Mixed Pumpkins on Display at Brook Lawn

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Brook Lawn Farm Market, Outbuildings

Forgive me for diverging from my focus on urban gardens and rooftops, but I must share some photos from my visit to Pennsylvania this past weekend. It does in fact tie into the work I do here in New York City. My parents own and operate Brook Lawn Farm Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The farm was started by my grandparents who purchased the land in the heart of Lancaster when they were married.

Click here for more info:  They grow the best peaches and sweet corn in Lancaster. The farm is strictly produce, and is the reason I participated in 4-H as a youngster.

For the past two years I transported fall pumpkins, gourds and decorations from Brook Lawn into NYC to jazz up my client’s gardens in Autumn. The fall colors and textures really enhance the gardens at a time of year when they start to look drab. This is also an excellent way to bring interest into shady backyards which cannot support the typical mums or other fall annuals which still need sunlight to look good. While I was in Lancaster this weekend, I snapped some shots of baby pumpkins and gourds. It is amazing to watch them forming on the vines as the blossoms fade. Brook Lawn saves the seeds of the best gourds and pumpkins every year and have established an amazing collection of things you cannot find anywhere else.  

Blossoms on Pumpkin Plants

Jeffrey Erb Hunting for Pumpkins

Baby Gourd

Baby Snake Gourd, Will Grow to 3' Long


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