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Chelsea Physic Garden

If you ever have the chance to go to London, be sure to check out Chelsea Physic Garden.  This is a garden full of wonderful surprises for those who love unusual plants and for those who don’t love gardens, it is the perfect starter size to get your feet wet. This little green haven happens to be England’s second oldest botanic garden.  Nestled in the heart of the bustling city of London, it was founded by the Society of Apothecaries in 1673 to encourage the use of plants in medicine (then known as “physic”).

Planting Beds With A Wide Collection Of Plants

Situated close to the River Thames, the micro-climate in the garden allows non-native plant species a chance at surviving British winters. The ease of access to the river reflects the needs of water transportion which was crucial at the time of the garden’s inception.

A Planting Bed in the Pharmaceutical Garden

The garden is broken up into sections with plants of medicinal use as the primary focus.  Collections vary from detailing specific plants used in various regions of the world to displaying plants that produce enough therapeutic, valued compounds to be developed into drugs for human consumption and use.  For example, did you know a species of foxglove contains a cardiac glycoside directly in its leaves that is used to control and prevent abnormal heart rhythms and strengthen the heart beat?  Fascinating!

The Gardens with Chelsea Manor in the background

This little urban treasure is only about 4 precious acres but it can occupy several hours of your time so budget accordingly! Visit the Chelsea Physic Garden’s website at http://www.chelseaphysicgarden.co.uk


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Kim Lemon from WGAL News 8 in Lancaster PA put together a fantastic story ‘Penthouse Produce’ highlighting  fall decorations Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design did foron a rooftop garden in Chelsea, NYC. We select the best pumpkins and gourds every year from the Erb family farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to exhibit in city gardens.  Click on the link below to view the story:



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We did a gorgeous pumpkin installation this past week on a rooftop garden in Chelsea, Manhattan. The fall decorations were hand selected and delivered from Brooklawn Farm Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. To keep the display unique, we used a subtle color palette with lots of whites, creams, yellows, greens and soft oranges as opposed to the common carving pumpkins.

Arranging the Pumpkins On the Terrace

This is a great way to add a punch, and I mean PUNCH of color and texture to gardens at this time of year. The empty spaces left by seasonal annuals and tender perennials can quickly be filled with pumpkins and gourds. Fairytale pumpkins anchor this display, and my new favorite is the Yugoslavian finger pumpkin which is the white one with little finger-like shapes all around the bottom side of it. It is so sculptural, and is looks like a modern piece of art. We used the small white jack-b-little pumpkins to create a “decorative mulch” in the planter boxes. Enjoy the pictures.

Clusters of Pumpkins Make a Big Impact

Muhlenbergia capillaris Grass Adds Texture and Movement to the Display

Jack-B-Little Pumpkins Serve as a “Decorative Mulch” in this Planter

Colors and Textures used in the Display

Overhead of View of Display Terrace


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