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Newly Replanted Bed in the Courtyard of Hartley House

After hurricane Irene downed four mature trees at Hartley House last season, the courtyard was in desperate need of new plantings. Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design volunteered to provide a full design for the courtyard in an effort to reclaim the space and fill the void the trees left behind.

A Close-up Shot of the East Bed

Though the courtyard benefits from gracious donations of annual flowers on a yearly basis, we knew that it needed more this year to make an impact in the space. Alan Klein headed a garden committee to coordinate the replanting of the largest planting bed in the courtyard.

A Mixture of Deciduous and Evergreen Shrubs Were Used in the Planting Bed

After the committee raised enough funds for the installation of an automatic irrigation system, Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design donated additional labor and assisted in obtaining plant materials to make the funds stretch to cover the full installation of the planting bed. The plantings, installed just after July 4th, feature perennial flowers, shrubs and vines which will continue growing year after year. Just a small portion in the front of the planting bed was reserved as a place for annual flowers.

Hydrangea ‘Little Lamb’ is a Showstopper Along the North Bed

We want to thank family, friends and neighbors who donated to this cause. We couldn’t be more proud to play a role in helping a community center which makes a difference in the lives of so many families in Hell’s Kitchen. We will continue to donate time to care for the plants and hope to raise additional funds to continue greening the courtyard at Hartley House in the future.

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On my way to a late meeting Monday evening I stumbled across this tiny plaza located between 6th and 7th avenue and 29th and 30th street. This public space is the result of work by glass artist Tom Patti in collaboration with Lee Weintraub Landscape Architects.

Glass Wall by Tom Patti

The illuminated glass wall runs the entire length of the plaza. During daylight, the glass reflects the colors and natural sunlight and surrounding buildings, while providing enough light at night to make the space useable. Paired with careful placement of flush mounted uplights in the paving, the overall lighting effect is very sexy and alluring.

Glass Wall Detail by Tom Patti

It appears that the Gleditsia triacanthos var. Inermis (Honeylocust) and Fagus sylvatica (European Beech) trees are properly spaced and not clustered which is a typical oversight in a courtyard garden. I found the silhouettes of the branches against the lighting in the glass wall to be the biggest success of this urban garden.

Silhouette of Branches Against Glass Wall


The seating, elevations, and function of the plaza is well designed. My only critique is the jumbo-sized TV screen on the wall near the 29th street side of the park. It completely distracts and takes away from the patterns and visual repetition established by the glass wall.

TV Screen Detracts from the Glass Wall

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