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The spud-producing sweet potato vine.

As I was clearing out my exterior containers for the winter, I came across a sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) “potato”.  I’ve seen spuds from these ornamental vines before but never thought to try to consume them.  I know they are edible but for some reason it seems weird to eat them!

The potato!

I found the potato, shown above, as I was digging through the potting soil, loosening it up in preparation for spring planting.  It looked identical to a normal potato you would find in the grocery store.  Most of the previous potatoes I’ve found from Ipomoea vines are a bright pinkish-purple color.   They come in all sorts of weird shapes more reminiscent of sweet potatoes than baking potatoes.

Wrapped with a moist paper towel, ready to be microwave cooked!

To prepare this potato for consumption, I washed it thoroughly and wrapped it with a moist paper towel to prevent potential explosion splatter in the microwave.  It only took 2 minutes in the microwave to cook very well.  I bet it would have been done in a 1 min 30 sec.

Ready to eat!

With the only seasonings of butter, pepper, and salt, the sweet potato vine potato tasted exactly like a normal potato with a few hints of sweet potato thrown in there. While you aren’t going to get a huge harvest from a single sweet potato vine, it’s still fun to eat what you grow yourself, especially after you enjoyed the plant all summer long. Dig in!

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