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Blinding autumn color of a Japanese Maple.

I was inspired to stop to take a picture of this amazing display of fall color.  The orange flame pictured above is actually a mature Japanese Maple.  Further down the street were two larger specimens of the same hue that were even more vibrant.  Japanese maples sometimes feel overused in the landscape but when you see this you can’t help but admire them.

The two trees in the foreground are Sugar Maples (Acer saccharum) and they do well in offsetting the bright orange of their Japanese cousin.  I love the way the green needles of the White Pine in the background creates a solid backdrop to really showcase the more vivid fall colors.  It is equally important to create a good backdrop in the landscape so that specimen plants can take center stage.

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Seed Pod of Cytisus Scoparius

There is more to gardening than showy Geraniums and pink Petunias. Daylilies have their spotlight too, but someone needs to tell them to get off the stage. My favorite part of gardening is that you can eventually look past the showstopping floriferous spectacles and see the smaller details of plants that are often overlooked. Sometimes these details are the way the veins are colored in a leaf, or the presence of inconspicuous flower structures on evergreen shrubs. This seed pod appeared about 4 weeks ago on some Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) on a rooftop. It is a small fuzzy seed pod with a beautiful bluish tinge. When I saw it, I realized I have never noticed the pod on this plant before. I also saw these all over Fire Island last weekend.  The shape of it reveals it is in the Leguminosae family. That’s right, this plant is in them same nitrogen fixating family of plants along with peas and beans.  Tomorrow morning when you are sipping your coffee on the terrace, take an extra minute to find something new.


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