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This Metal Wall Panel Serves as a Focal Point in the Garden

It’s almost unfair to compare the amount of options for artwork and accessories for interiors to those available for outdoor spaces. When it comes to decorating exterior walls, prefabricated or “off the shelf” artwork options are slim to none, especially for someone with a discerning eye with a specific style.

The Wall Panel is Mounted Away from the Wall to Create Shadows and Depth

When it came time to finish off the far wall in this backyard garden, I decided to go with a custom wall mounted panel. Based on the idea of a starburst, I designed several versions for the homeowner in both organic (loose) and geometric styles. We decided on the latter and further refined our design.

A Custom Starburst Pattern Cut with Water Jet into Aluminum

I sent my drawing off to the metal shop where they cut my design to exact specifications with a water jet. The aluminum panel was then powder coated with a custom tint to match the other elements in the garden. The end result is a sleek piece of wall art that serves as a focal point in the garden. I chose to mount the panel about 2 inches away from the wall surface to create shadows and more interesting light patterns. At night, the panel is lit to create even more shadows and interest. It’s the perfect design solution for addressing this big empty brick wall!

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