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Midtown Rooftop Garden Featuring Sweeping NYC Views

This rooftop garden was planted just in time for the fourth of July. With sweeping views from the Empire State Building all the way to the Hudson River, this rooftop has full light and wind exposure. Featuring lots of grasses, small deciduous trees and sun-loving perennials, we can’t wait to see this garden grow in!

Mixed Bar Height and Regular Height Dining Tables Allow for Different Seating Options

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Sun tea is easiest and most refreshing way to make a drink while incorporating some herbs from your garden.  It’s so easy that you can bring the ingredients with you to a park and let them soak while preparing for a picnic or get together. The drink will be ready when your guests start to arrive.

How does sun tea relate to the garden you ask?  Herbs is how!  When using the recipe below, add a handful of herbs to the brew as it is steeping for a fresh-from-the-garden taste.  Mint, lemon balm, sage and even lavender are perfect choices but the options are endless!  Stick with one flavor, mint for example, or add several sprigs of different kinds of herbs to create your own, individual brew.  Adding some fruit, such as lemon, strawberries or blueberries, can also bring a new flavor dimension to the tea.

Sun Tea Recipe

Any clean and clear jar, bottle or other container that holds liquid

1 black tea bag (1 tea bag = 1 teaspoon of loose tea leaves) per cup of water

Cold water

Your choice of fruit and/or herbs

1 sunny day!

1.   Wash your container with hot soapy water before use.  This will help sanitize the container as the brewing temperature is ideal for bacteria growth and you want to nip that in the bud before it begins!

2.  Measure out how many cups of cold water can fit in your freshly washed container.  Add 1 tea bag, or loose tea leaf, per cup of water.  Also at this time add any herbs or fruit you want.

3.  Combine everything in your container, cover, and put in the sun for at least 2 hours.  Remove from the sun when the tea has brewed to the strength you desire.

4.  Sweeten to taste with honey or sugar or trying using the herb Stevia to add a natural sweetness.  (Fun fact: stevia is used to make the new sweetener Truvia)

5.  Serve chilled with a fresh sprig of herbs!

Happy Fourth of July to everybody!

Article written by lilyofthevalley for Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

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