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Carefully Selected Accessories Make This Renter’s Terrace Feel Complete

The Top of the Rock has phenomenal views of Midtown Manhattan, the Hudson River and Central Park. However, these twin terraces situated on Central Park South have views which top even those. Situated in the middle of Central Park, you can see all the way from 59th Street to the far end of the park at 110th Street. It takes a lot to make the heart of a New Yorker skip a beat, but this perspective does the trick.

Crepe Myrtles and Ornamental Grasses Soften this Intimate Terrace

The off-white parapet wall really stuck out against the green backdrop provided by the park. Our intent for using tall planters was to hide most of the parapet wall. Using tall planters also makes the terrace feel larger because it stretches the  lines of the space vertically. Crepe Myrtles, deciduous shrubs and ornamental grasses were carefully selected based on light and wind conditions.

A Surreal View of Central Park Looking North

The terraces were accessorized with rugs, pillows, low voltage lighting and lanterns to make them feel complete and lived in. Since the apartment is rented, adding these finishing touches makes the space feel more personalized since changing permanent features of the property is not an option. Now that the terraces are planted, the only thing left to do is to sit back and enjoy the view!

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