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Halloween Decorations on West 75th Street Gets A+ For Effort But D- For Execution

Yesterday I hit the streets for several appointments. On West 75th Street I passed this beautiful house with the tackiest Halloween Decorations. Though it looked like they had fun adorning their entryway with cobwebs, rats and pumpkins I think the fake cockroaches were a little too close to home here in NYC. Too many different elements used and too little focus on composition and balance resulted in a mediocre display. The straw bale and bunch of field corn looked lost and forlorn in the corner. If everything was brought closer to the stairs and doorway, it would have had more impact.

A Few Too Many Elements Look Thrown Together

Poor Composition Took the Spook Out of This Halloween Display

Then when I strolled down West 43rd Street I passed this building that had a homemade cobweb and fall plantings in their front entryway. The display was very simple but impactful. The plants complemented  the cobweb while providing a nice green contrasting background. When decorating your entryway for Halloween follow these rules of thumb:

1. Keep it clean: Save the blood and gore for your backyard or indoor party

2.Keep it simple: pick 2 or 3 elements that you like and repeat them in different ways, make your own decor and go easy on the bank!

3. Lighting Lighting Lighting! – your carved pumpkins may not be enough so make sure to put some extra pillar candles in hurricane vases or lanterns outside for the safety of your visitors.

Homemade Cobwebs and Fall plantings Work in this West 43rd Street Planting

The Fall Plantings Complement and Enhance Halloween Decorations

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