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Courtyard of Hartley House

Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design marked its second anniversary of business with an evening celebration last Wednesday, September 14th. The event was held at Hartley House on West 46th Street. Attendees included clients, business partners, staff members from Hartley House, family and friends of the owners.

Jeffrey Erb, Alan Klein and Guests

A Glimpse of the Food Spread

Hartley House has been an integral part of the Hell’s Kitchen Community for over 100 years by offering an array of programs for children and adults. Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design donates services to facilitate
the ongoing maintenance of the courtyard which is one of Hartley House’s greatest assets and best kept secrets. The goal is to improve the courtyard to make it a more desirable destination. In turn, the courtyard can help raise funds for this non-profit as they rent it out as an event space. Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design chose to hold the anniversary event at Hartley House to raise awareness of the programs they offer and to encourage community involvement.

Jeffrey Erb and Alan Klein, Owners of Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

Alan Klein with Tante

A special thank you to our generous sponsors, Bartini Ultra Lounge,  the newest hot spot in Hell’s Kitchen, and Vynl, one of our all time favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, for providing the most fabulous spread. Thank you Gal Gafny for providing these terrific photos.

Jeffrey Erb with Jeannette

Alan Klein with Guests

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This setback terrace in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen was in need of a facelift. Previous owners left their mark leaving behind less than attractive piping that was once used for an overhead shade structure. Every surface, both vertical and horizontal, of this terrace was altered as part of this renovation. With the environment in mind, we selected recycled plastic deck tiles and furniture. The difference in the before and after pictures is striking. Because this terrace does not have access to water, the plant quantity and palette was restrained.

Before View of Terrace Showing Overhead Shade Structure

Before Shot of Existing Fencing and Decking

The terrace design focused on restraint and elegance. Before we started, there were too many architectural elements which distracted the eye and caused visual chaos. Our plans minimized those elements to allow the eye to focus on the amazing view of nearby Worldwide Plaza and the carefully selected furniture pieces from Loll. Now the best part of this apartment, the owner gets to enjoy the space night and day as mood lighting highlights this intimate and romantic terrace.

View to Terrace From Interior, Showing New Glass Door and Recessed Step Light

After Shot of Decking and Bluestone Entry Step

View to Wordlwide Plaza From Terrace

Cafe Tables Allow For Flexible Seating Arrangements

New Wall Fixtures and Low Voltage Lamps Set the Mood for Evening

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I was captivated when I read about the world’s largest cruise ship and how it has  a horticulturist on staff. With close to 100 plants species on board, this novel idea is taking gardening to the next level. Though I have yet to experience this park for myself, the images from Royal Caribbean’s website show a very manicured, well designed oasis on this 16 deck beast.

"Central Park" on the Allure Cruise Ship

"Central Park" at Night


 The funny thing about this floating garden on the Allure cruise ship is that it has  a lot of similarities to courtyard gardens built in New York City. The 505 development right here in Hell’s Kitchen has a comparable courtyard completely surrounded by buildings with balconies facing the garden. The important thing to consider in a courtyard design like this is to develop a sense of height within the structure of the landscape. Pergolas, trellises, fencing and other features (both evident in the Allure Cruise Ship and The 505) help stretch the garden vertically so you don’t have the feeling of being enclosed in a canyon.

The Modern Courtyard of the 505 in Hell's Kitchen

 Read the fascinating article in the NYT by Toni Schlesinger: http://travel.nytimes.com/2011/02/13/travel/13allure.html

Check out more pictures of the Allure cruise ship: http://www.allureoftheseas.com/image.php?ship=allure

Visit the 505 condo website for more images of this new Hell’s Kitchen residence: http://the505hk.com/


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