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NYC Terrace Newly Planted in Preparation for Listing

Staging your outdoor space can be one of the best ways to set your property apart when listing it for sale. In my experience, exterior spaces often get the short end of the stick when it comes to staging, and it’s a missed opportunity. Especially in cities and urban environments, buyers want the exterior of their home to look and feel just as fabulous as the interior.

Alyssum, Yucca, Heuchera and Nemesia Add a Splash of Color Outside the Main Living Room Windows

We recently staged a penthouse terrace where we maximized the appeal and visual interest of the space. Of course, if you already have existing elements, it is best to incorporate them into the final design whenever possible. We added to existing furniture and brought in coordinating pieces, planters and accessories to warm up the space.

Existing Furniture Was Rearranged to Maximize the Layout of the Garden

We focused on plantings that had the most impact and color for this time of the season. Many deciduous plants are still pushing leaves and we used a combination of evergreens and deciduous shrubs to get the best results. The view from inside the apartment was also key. When a buyer enters the apartment and looks out the window, I want them to see color, depth and a space that they can incorporate into their lifestyle.

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My mother has a winter ritual of getting lost in a pile of seed catalogues. It can be very enticing to see all of the new cultivars of our favorite flowers grown to perfection under the careful watch of a team of horticulturists. I love looking through these too, but the difference between the plant pictured in the catalog and the one growing in your garden can be like night and day. Just be careful not to drool too much over that new flower hue or leaf size you see in the picture. In any case, check out this new cultivar: Heuchera ‘Green Spice.’ It has a striking green and silver leaf with contrasting red veins.

Heuchera 'Green Spice'

Check out the plants available at the Burpee and Proven Winners websites. There is always a thrill in experimenting with a horticultural oddity. Remember, that the more breeding and cultivation a plant goes through, the more susceptible it is to pests and disease.  




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