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Our latest terrace transformation, located in Hoboken, features a fabulous flooring solution. To cover the concrete pavers commonly found in new construction, we added synthetic lawn which provides a lush green feel. Since three rooms of the apartment have windows and doors facing the space, the lawn added a punch of color that the space needed. As filtered sunlight graces the terrace throughout the day, the lawn has a luminous and calming feel.

Stained Trellis Adds a Focal Point in the Back of the Garden

Slatted Bench Seating and Cafe Tables Provide for Flexible Furniture Arrangements for Entertaining

Custom planters are now home to Spiraea shrubs and some of my favorite shade-loving perennials. Oakleaf Hydrangeas add texture to this small space. Since our palette is very neutral, the owners have a blank slate to play with when they add accessories to the garden. Any bright pop of color will find a home in this space because it won’t ‘fight’ with anything else. The colors create a very classic and elegant feel. The furniture has a modern edge and provides flexibility for entertaining. Instead of one large dining table, we opted for two smaller cafe tables which can easily be reconfigured for terrace cocktails or summer barbeques.

Climbing Hydrangea Will Cover This Trellis and Produce Elegant White Flowers in Summer

Low Voltage Fixtures Highlight the Plantings and Set the Mood for Evening Entertaining

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Two levels of gardens compose the inner space between 54th and 53rd Street at Griffin Court. There is a lawn for dogs, covered pergolas for lounging or dining, lighting, mounded planting beds with grasses and everything you could hope for in a courtyard. The building was constructed in such a way that this garden has a decent amount of space and light which are very hard things to find in New York City. Walking in the courtyard felt very comfortable. It’s very easy to visualize spending time there. Everything about the garden makes it feel like a success, but I found a glitch from the view above.

The overall effect of the garden from the upper level apartments was boring. It felt artificial and stagnant. The view from the apartments facing this interior courtyard left me longing for a view to the street and real NYC sights and sounds. From an aerial perspective the space looks very contrived and has a textbook-design kind of feel. Landscape elements are spaced in such a way as to diverge and reconnect in a very structured manner. In fact, it feels too structured. If certain elements were more organic and free flowing, the garden would be more effective.

This garden needs more time to grow in since it was recently planted (it appears this was done the end of summer in 2010). Perhaps when the plants mature, the rigidity of the courtyard will fade. For me, having a view of a garden should be mesmerizing and take your mind to another world free of cell phones, emails and responsibilities.

The building on a whole was really well done. According to local real estate agents, Alchemy  Properties (the developer) completed construction of over 20 residential buildings and do quality work. I can attest that the layouts of the apartments and fixtures were very nice and well worth seeing. Small things like windows and murals in the hallways make it stand out from other buildings where developers have short-ended the halls making them dark and cramped. Read more about Griffiin Court here: http://www.griffincourtcondo.com

Also check out their facebook page for more images of the space: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Griffin-Court-Condo/103487993030031?v=info

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