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Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snowflake’ With Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’

While visiting the New York Botanical Garden I found a cultivar of Oakleaf Hydrangea that has exceptional flowers. Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snowflake’ stands out for its fluffy double booms which appear fuller and larger than the straight species. The structure of the flower has a similar look to Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ with layered sepals which cascade as the panicles fade.

Closeup of Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snowflake’ Blooms Fading from White to Pink

The white blooms which appear in June-July last much longer than the straight Hydrangea quercifolia. The sepals fade from white to pink as they age giving a beautiful pastel kind of glow to the panicles. Just like fine wine and cheese, H. quercifolia ‘Snowflake’ gets better with age! This cultivar, hardy to zone 5, grows up to 8′ tall and can grow in sun to part shade.

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After finishing a client appointment this evening I passed 80 Irving place and had to stop for some pictures. Anchoring the corner of 19th Street and Irving Place, this 1920’s home (gorgeous in its own right) is completely covered in Boston Ivy.

Not LEED certified, but equally as green

With Ginko biloba street trees, Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf Hydrangea) foundation plantings and Hedera Helix (English Ivy) topiaries on the second floor balcony, they seem to be doing everything right.

The Ornate Iron Work and Green Entry at 80 Irvin Place

Perhaps it’s the enchanting location near Gramercy Park, or maybe the classic architecture of this magnificent Brownstone, but never has such a simple palette of plants looked so good. Though this building is not LEED certified, I would argue that it is equally as green.

English Ivy Topiaries Grace the 2nd Floor Iron Balconies

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Our latest terrace transformation, located in Hoboken, features a fabulous flooring solution. To cover the concrete pavers commonly found in new construction, we added synthetic lawn which provides a lush green feel. Since three rooms of the apartment have windows and doors facing the space, the lawn added a punch of color that the space needed. As filtered sunlight graces the terrace throughout the day, the lawn has a luminous and calming feel.

Stained Trellis Adds a Focal Point in the Back of the Garden

Slatted Bench Seating and Cafe Tables Provide for Flexible Furniture Arrangements for Entertaining

Custom planters are now home to Spiraea shrubs and some of my favorite shade-loving perennials. Oakleaf Hydrangeas add texture to this small space. Since our palette is very neutral, the owners have a blank slate to play with when they add accessories to the garden. Any bright pop of color will find a home in this space because it won’t ‘fight’ with anything else. The colors create a very classic and elegant feel. The furniture has a modern edge and provides flexibility for entertaining. Instead of one large dining table, we opted for two smaller cafe tables which can easily be reconfigured for terrace cocktails or summer barbeques.

Climbing Hydrangea Will Cover This Trellis and Produce Elegant White Flowers in Summer

Low Voltage Fixtures Highlight the Plantings and Set the Mood for Evening Entertaining

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