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Try popping a few pavers out of an existing walkway in a random pattern and planting some creeping plants in their place to give it a fresh look. The only tools required are a small crowbar or hammer, small shovel or trowel and some potting soil.  Instead of throwing away the old pavers, save them to use as an edge around planting beds.

Some great plants to use are:

Mazus reptans, mazus: low creeping, semi-evergreen perennial that can grow in most soil conditions; prefers full sun to part shade; lobelia-like flowers bloom profusely in May-June

Ajuga, bugleweed: rapid growing low perennial that looks similar to miniature lettuce; leaves have a nice purple-green color; can grow in most soil conditions; prefers light to full shade; short spikes of purple flowers appear in spring

-Thymus, wooly thyme: slow growing low perennial tolerant of most soil conditions; prefers full sun; tiny purple flowers appear in summer

For other sunny areas, check a wide variety of sedums and other low growing plants.  In shade, try using a low fern or moss such as Irish or Scottish moss.

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