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Is it possible to grow a successful garden without really trying? The science of horticulture is intricate and complex. Do you wonder if your soil acidity  is optimal for  nutrient uptake through plant roots? Are your light levels in balance with available moisture levels in the soil? Are you experiencing nutrient deficiency, pests, fungal diseases, bacteria, viruses or problems with plant hardiness?

Trial Garden at Longwood Gardens

All of these things can  weigh you down and blind you from what gardening is really about. The key to a successful garden is simple: enjoy it. That’s it. That’s all it takes. It doesn’t matter if a portion of your Arborvitae hedge doesn’t make it through the winter or if the new type of Caladium didn’t like your shade garden. It’s all about trial and error. Gardening is about learning step by step. The beauty of the seasons (at least for us here in zone 6) is that we get to try something new each season.

Trial Garden Structure and Sunflower at Longwood Gardens

Each time we experience a planting triumph in the garden, we become more intimately attached to that understanding, and thus connected to the garden experience as a whole. As a gardener of 15 years, I assure you that the enjoyment I get from my garden is just as  much about the “failures” as it is the “positives.” As for the science of it all, that’s why we have professional horticulturists.


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