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Before you tackle your weekend landscape project check out this gardening quick tip! Jeffrey talks about selecting specimen evergreens for containers while stressing the importance for reading plant labels for EACH cultivar. Save yourself time and headache by knowing the mature height and growth rate of your evergreens. Jeffrey discusses the selection of a Silveray Korean Pine tree (Pinus koraiensis ‘Silveray’) for a rooftop garden in NYC.

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Stained Glass Effect of Canna Lily

One of the most rewarding things I experience as a landscape designer is the element of surprise brought on by the growth and change of plants. I always visualize what a garden is going to look like while I am designing it, and most of the time the end result matches my vision. Sunlight, however, is one variable that significantly impacts the end result yet is not entirely in my control. Sunlight brings life to gardens in many ways beyond photosynthesis. The way that certain tree silhouettes drape themselves across patios, or grass shadows dance across a wall can be mesmerizing.

Sunlight Makes This Canna Glow on a Rooftop Garden

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