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A Stunning Copper Swing 'Ostara' by Myburgh Designs

I came across this gorgeous piece while researching outdoor swings. The Ostara Swing, by Myburgh Designs, is made of copper and is large enough for two people. The interior of the swing is polished and lacquered while the exterior has a delightful patina and wax finish. The lines are very modern. With the right cushions, this unique swing makes a bold statement and a cozy place to spend an afternoon in the garden.

Breathe Swing by Myburgh Designs

The Breathe Swing (pictured above) is Myburgh’s ultra modern swing crafted of fiberglass. Offered in solid white or green, the shapes in the back are reminiscent of branches or veins in a leaf. As a third option to get your feet off the ground, Dedon has its giant Nestrest swing which features their signature woven design.

The Nestrest Swing by Dedon

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The Courtyard of the Mamilla Hotel

Very rarely do I visit a garden that I think is perfect. However, this was the case when I walked through the courtyard garden of the Mamilla hotel. Perched at the edge of the old city in Jerusalem, the Mamilla was designed to blend historic buildings with cutting edge modern design.  Moshe Safdie, the project architect, succeeded in creating a stunning building worthy of standing next to the walled city. Italian designer, Piero Lissoni, collaborated on the furnishings and interiors.

Suspended Swings and Canopy of in the Mamilla Courtyard

With a full restaurant and bar, the rooftop is a great place to have a drink and enjoy killer views of Jerusalem. The mirrored bar on the second floor is oozing with ambience, but the courtyard on the lower level of the hotel is what I found most captivating. Built in a triangular space, the courtyard features a sleek black trough fountain, mirrored walls, romantic lighting, suspended swings and whimsical furniture.

Mirrored Wall Design and Trough Fountain

The courtyard is a place that you want to spend time in, not just look at. Though it is a small space, the layout and furniture arrangement allows you to find your own niche while enjoying the garden. The arched mirrors built into the architecture of the walls make the space come to life while the swings hit the right notes of surprise and quirkiness.

Night Shot of Trough Fountain

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