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While planning a mini garden, keep light requirements in mind for interior plants.  There is more leeway for seasonal displays (mini Daffodils in the spring, Shamrocks/Oxalis for St Patrick’s Day, etc) which are rotated out as the season passes so they are always looking fresh.  Permanent plants in the garden should have the same light needs as each other. High light plants placed in low light conditions will fade out and the same applies for low light plants placed in sunny windowsills.

Mini Interior Garden

Mini indoor gardens use the same design principles as their exterior counterparts.  In addition to texture, color, balance and all the others, scale is one of the most important things to consider.  The leaf size and plant heights need to correspond to container size or the garden will look disproportionate.

Silver-Spotted Philodendron Adds a Pattern to this Garden

Add simple sculptures for interest and finish off  the look with rocks for a polished feel.  For ambitious designers, use a smaller size pebble to make paths through the garden. This is an excellent project for gardeners of all ages.

Article Written by Lilyofthevalley for Erbology

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A Modern Container Planting Featuring Multiple Varieties of Oxalis

Oxalis is a genus of plants also known as wood-sorrel.  Besides being pesky in lawns and greenhouses, certain species can be used for medicinal treatments for fever and nausea.  Recently, different varieties have started to come out in the nursery industry that feature larger foliage, different foliage colors, flower size and color.

A Bright Variety of Oxalis

Typically the lawn variety of oxalis has yellow flowers reminiscent of a 5 petaled daisy but they can also be white and shades of pink/purple.   The foliage is dark purple to green to lime green and red.  The plants are popular gifts for St. Patrick’s Day because of their similarities to clover.  Similar to a potato, the oxalis is planted with tuber roots.  They can be found in retail either in tuber form or already grown out as a plant.

A Cluster of Oxalis in Small Containers

Because of their smaller sizes and annual habit (in our climate), oxalis is a perfect plant for container plantings.  It is a versatile plant that can be used in combination with other plants or on its’ own in a variety of containers ranging from rustic terra-cotta to ultra sleek modern.  At the end of the season, the tubers can be dug up and saved for next year or the plants can also double as indoor features for the winter.

Article written by lilyofthevalley for Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design.

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