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Since I moved back to New York City permanently, I have moved 4 times in the past 3 years for numerous reasons. In this fast paced city, it seems like nothing is constant.  Jobs, relationships, roommates, neighborhoods, friends, and finances continually pull us in different directions. Unfortunately this high speed lifestyle can make it hard to settle down in one place. This is why we rent. The thing about renting is that there are so many apartments out there with fantastic roof, terrace, and outdoor space which are underutilized. From my viewpoint, if you have time to hang up curtains or get a new rug for your interior, then you owe it to yourself to do something for your outdoor space too.

I had a client this spring with a fantastic 1,300 square foot terrace in midtown West that came along with their rental apartment. That is huge as far as outdoor New York Spaces. Since they are renting, we focused on budget friendly changes we could make to the space that made a lot of impact. Birch trees, planters in the correct scale, and a revised furniture layout really transformed the terrace. When I work on projects like this, I like to keep the plantings simple, and repeat the material throughout the space. Enjoy the images.


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Welcome to the blog for Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design. I own and operate a full service landscape design and installation company based in New York City that focuses on rooftop/terrace gardens, green roofs, and back yard landscapes. Urban gardening is a passion of mine, and I find great satisfaction in making the most out of small spaces. Transforming a blank space into a stunning garden is nothing short of exhilerating.

This blog is a place for me to express my viewpoint as a designer, and to review good and bad landscape designs throughout Manhattan. No doubt, I will be sharing tons of advice and tips to maximize outdoor spaces in the city (and beyond). I also invite questions, comments, and opinions from my readers. After all, this is a two way conversation. Join me as I post video shorts, articles, products, and images that will help you get to know who I am, and why I am inspired and energized by the work that I do. Here’s to brilliant seasonal plantings, unexpected garden designs, and to reducing the number of plastic lawn ornaments in the world!


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