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Unless your home is built of solid limestone with inlaid marble floors, crystal chandeliers and custom-built furnishings, your garden probably shouldn’t include busts of angels, giant Greek gods or mythical creatures. Be extremely careful to match any sculpture you bring to your garden with the architecture of your home, your lifestyle and integrity of your property.

Sarah Sze's Take on a Modern Birdhouse

Sze's Birdhouse is also a Modern Sculpture on the High Line in NYC

Sarah Sze is a supremely talented sculptress who created a fabulous modern bird house and butterfly haven for the High Line park in NYC. Though it attracts an array of wildlife and insects, this sculpture is also an eye-catching piece of modern art that would work incredibly well in larger scale gardens. Just use a backdrop of evergreen shrubs or clumps of Switch Grass to tastefully display a piece like this.

Driftwood Sculpture In a Sea of Green


I  found this simple sculpture in the trial gardens at one of my wholesale nurseries. It is nothing more than driftwood nailed together and painted orange. I love the organic feel and the contrast the color provides in this simple setting.

For divine inspiration on how to incorporate modern sculptures in your garden, visit Storm King Art Center in Windsor, NY. The gorgeous grounds feature sculptures from Alexander Calder, Richard Serra and Andy Goldsworthy among others. Visit their website here.

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