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Planters used in a shade garden to add height and color to the space.

There are a limited number of flowering plants suited for shade gardens. It can be tricky to achieve a colorful garden in low light conditions. Unless you want a bunch of Impatiens and Begonias, focus on foliage and textures of plants as you fill your planting beds. Bring additional color to the garden through pottery, furniture and accessories.

Tiarella ‘Lace Carpet’ finds a home in the shade garden.

Tiarella ‘Lace Carpet’ is a lovely plant for the shade garden. This cultivar stands out from others with its aptly named delicate foliage. ‘Lace Carpet’ grows 6-8″ tall and boasts a typical white-colored Foamflower bloom in April-May. Tiarella ‘Lace Carpet’ can be used as a filler in perennial beds or as a groundcover. Hardy from zones 4-9 this is an excellent plant for deep shade.

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