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Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love) isn’t just about Rocky or Independence Hall. The annual spectacle we know as the Philadelphia Flower Show is open from March 6-13. This year’s theme is “Springtime in Paris.” With floriferous arrangements and topiaries everywhere you look, the event is completely oversaturated with stamens and pistils.


Previous Exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show

The miniature garden display boxes are my favorite exhibit and should be the first thing on your list to see when you arrive. The line for it gets quite long as the day progresses. Basically the artist must compose a scene in a 24×36″ box and use a certain amount of live plant materials. It’s all about scale, realism and ingenuity. 


Previous Exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Also make sure to see the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society exhibit. They have some of the most gorgeous bonsai on display I have ever seen. The marketplace has some interesting horticulture-related objects for sale but they tend to be the same from year to year. My recommendation is to focus on the above exhibits and then head downtown to Jim’s Steaks on South Street for the only thing in town cheesier than the flower show.

For full details and information about the show, visit: http://www.theflowershow.com


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