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Where have all the flowers gone and where are they going next? We had a busy spring planting and installing lots of new projects in addition to seasonal plantings for existing gardens. With several projects in midtown and more on the Upper West Side, our gardens continue to spread across the city from penthouses on Central Park to backyards and entry plantings in Chelsea all the way down to the financial district. Until they make it to our website, enjoy a peek at some of our latest project.  Some gardens are newly planted and some are still in progress. Either way they put me in the mood for summer!

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The seductive appeal of a makeover is ingrained into our lifestyles. TV shows shower us with instant transformations leaving us drooling and lusting for something new. With buds bursting and spring in full swing, you may be itching for something different in your garden. Here are some easy mini makeover projects that will help spruce up your garden without breaking the bank.

Overgrown Entry Garden in Chelsea


Some homeowners have an aversion to pruning because they are afraid to hurt the plant, or just don’t know where to start. Pruning is a necessary horticultural technique that will help your plants grow with the best form. The townhouse pictured above, in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, has a gorgeous entry garden with a well-designed plant layout. However, the plants appear unkempt and are in need of a good pruning. The Euonymus growing on the fence and on the façade of the house needs trimmed while the Japanese Maple needs corrective pruning for crossing branches. Remember, the first things to look for when pruning include broken branches, crossing branches and competing leaders in trees. Brush up on your pruning skills for trees and ornamental shrubs with these informative guides. It’s such a simple thing to do, yet still often overlooked.

Beach Pebbles Make a Great Filler in a Walkway

Glass Pebbles Can Add Depth to a Walkway


Consider adding a gravel walkway in your garden. Walkways add loads of visual interest to landscapes. They can delineate garden beds and offer definitive structure to otherwise large areas of soil or lawn. For a fresh take on a gravel path, consider mixing in a few glass pebbles along with beach pebbles to add luster and depth.  If you already have an established walkway, think about adding a different border. Use the same material as the main walkway but lay it in a different pattern or size for extra emphasis. It’s a simple trick that can add a lot of appeal.


For a moment, forget the flowers blooming in your garden.  Focus on the foliage instead and ask yourself the following questions. Do the leaves have contrasting shapes and colors? How about the size of the leaves, do they vary in arrangement and texture? The truth is that foliage is just as important as flowers when selecting a plant palette. Flowers bloom for finite periods of time while the foliage is present for the majority of the season. If the leaves of your plants are all hitting the same note, it may be time to add some fresh species to the mix.

Cool Season Planting with Contrasting Foliage


Avoid the common mistake of adding one of every kind of annual to your garden bed. Choose two colors to work with and repeat them throughout your garden. Foliage plants act as neutrals and add sophistication to seasonal plantings. Above, Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Ogon’, Pieris japonica ‘Flaming Silver’ and miniature Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Gold Mop’ were used to complement the yellow Pansies in this cool-season planting.


Revamp the layout of your planting bed. Transplant shrubs and divide perennials that feel out of place. You’d be surprised how much of a difference transplanting a few existing plants can make. In general it is a good idea to plant like species in clusters to evoke a more naturalized feel. Plantings repeated throughout the landscape tend to make more impact. Spring is the best time to selectively edit out any plants that didn’t meet your expectations last season.

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