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While shopping at a local nursery this past spring, I decided to satisfy my urge to start seeds despite my northeast facing apartment with meager late winter sun.  As you can see, my perseverance paid off with this stunning purple Morning Glory  that catches the sunlight better than a stained glass window. I started a packet each of Morning Glory and Moonflower seeds to grow on the railing of my apartment balcony.  The idea was to have the Morning Glory color during the day and Moonflowers to grace the evening hours.  While the Moonflower vines are quite profuse in growth, they are not living up to their promising name of nighttime flora.  The Morning Glory is shorter in growth but most definitely has a better show.

The photo above is from very early April. The four cells to the left are the Moonflower vines (with bigger leaves) and the four cells to the right are the Morning Glory plants(leggy seedling with small leaves).  Once they grew larger, and the outside temperatures rose above frost danger, they were moved to the balcony to flourish.  Hopefully by the end of the summer the moonflowers will produce the show they are supposed to!  Stay tuned for that event.

Moral of the story: patience pays off in horticulture!

Article and photography by lilyofthevalley for Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design.


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Line to Enter the Studio

Did you catch Martha Stewart’s garden episode on March 1st? If you did then hopefully you got to see yours truly in the question and answer section. I have to hand it to her, Martha makes gardening accessible for everyone. The episode was chock full of horticulture tips for starting seeds and planning a sustainable landscape and reviewed some of the newest outdoor gadgets and garden accessories. The entire experience from start to finish was terrific. In case you missed the episode, check out the clips here:

In the Audience Dressed in Garden Gear

The talented Stacey Hirvela (also featured in the episode), Senior Associate Garden Editor for Living, keeps a fantastic blog jam-packed with gardening ideas at:

Martha Stewart’s Studio and GreenhouseMartha Taking Pictures with Guests at the End of the Episode


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